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September 13, 2018 1 min read

We want to take you on a journey. One that doesn’t confine fragrance to a bottle. One that makes you rediscover your sense of smell; once one of our most powerful senses inextricably linked with memories. Yet we have forgotten how to smell. Become scared to even.




Imagine stepping into a mirror clad and soundproofed infinity chamber that immerses you in an 8 minute symphonic journey of sound, scent and visuals - all based on Timothy Han’s involvement with the Miro Shot collective.
This is what we created for the Browns Fashion Nomad shop in East London for three months this past spring.




Each visit to the space was configured to be totally unique through randomised combinations of sound, visuals and scent. The experience was triggered by visitors information and data using exclusive moving images that resonated with the artworks of Rafael Melendez and Ruta Balsevicute together with three unique fragrances; “Miro 1: Molten Plastic”, “Miro 2: Burnt Electronic Dust” and “Miro 3: Broken Sapling” specially created for the project. These fragrances came together in different ratios and along different timelines to create a constantly changing olfactory experience paired with an ever-changing auditory experience created by Alexander Parsons.
TH/E Perfume Experience project re-conceives how we engage with fragrance by bringing it out of the bottle.  


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